Page updated: June 12, 2014


We have several collections of pre-designed layouts featuring various track systems and manufacturers, both for those who need ideas they can hack with their RR-Track system, and for those who do not possess a copy of RR-Track, but need some example layout designs to work with.

The Lionel Classic Layouts represent some of the most famous O-gauge train layouts, including the various showroom layouts.

The Lionel FasTrack examples contain 51 layouts using the new FasTrack and Lionel Modern accessories

2nd Edition

The Lionel FasTrack examples, 2nd Edition, contain 24 large, extensive layouts exploring the possibilities of the FasTrack system.

The Atlas O examples contain all of the layouts in the Atlas O poster plus more than 10 additional layouts.

The MTH RealTrax examples contain 58 layouts using RealTrax and MTH RailKing accessories.

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