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Ever wondered what the layouts on the Atlas O 21st Century Track poster really look like? Would you like to construct one of them, or use them as a basis for your own layout? Then the Atlas O Example Layouts pack is for you.

There are 36 layouts in the Atlas O examples pack. These include all of the sample layouts on the Atlas O 21st Century Track system folder. Some of these we have altered to reflect the reality of designing a working train layout --- you cannot just cram sidings into every vacant area and still have a viable design. There has to be space left for structures and scenery that tie all of the operating aspects of a successful train layout together.

Most of the layouts are based on O-54 curves; a few of the larger ones have an O-63 or O-72 mainline, while some of the smaller ones use O-36 curves. All of the layouts are complete with scenery and structures. We have restricted ourselves to using only the Atlas track and the O-scale Accessory library structures in these layout designs. You could, of course, substitute your own scratch-built items, or scale items from other manufacturers such as Lionel and MTH Electric Trains.

You can purchase the Atlas O Example Layouts from R & S Enterprises for $19. They come on a CD complete with an explanatory help file and an installer designed to interface with RR-Track v4.02. A copy of RR-Viewerv4.1 is included on the CD with viewer libraries that display all of the Atlas O examples (these libraries are not compatible with RR-Track v4.x). RR-Viewer v4.1 allows the user to display in both 2D and 3D any of these layouts, study their component list, and print them (changing them with RR-VIewer is not supported).

O-28, Chesapeake Crossing

O-10, Detroit Western



O-1, Fine Beginning

O54 curves, 5 x 9 ft, 37 track sections.

O-2, Beyond the Figure 8

O54 curves, 6 x 13 ft, figure 8, 62 track sections.

O-3, Continuous Running

O54 curves, 7 x 14ft, nested oval/figure 8, 105 track sections

O-4, Mainline Action

O72 outer, O54 inner, 7 x 12 feet nested oval, 111 track sections

O-5, L extension

O54 L-shaped, 13 x 12 feet, 110 track sections.

O-6, Empire Builder

O54 T-shaped, 11 x 16 feet, industrial + residential, 119 track sections.

O-7, Milwaukee Northern

O36, 4 x 8 feet, nested oval/figure 8, 51 track sections.

O-8, West Side Belt

O36, 4 x 8 feet, oval with passing siding and spurs, 48 track sections.

O-9, Kansas City Connecting

O36, 4 x 8 feet, oval with spurs and passing siding, 59 track sections.

O-10, Detroit Western

O54 outer, O36 inner, nested ovals, sidings, 62 track sections.



O-11, Cloverleaf Junction

O54 curves, 10 x 12 with criss-cross, industrial area, 127 track sections..

O-12, Williamsport & Southern

O54 curves, 7 x 18 ft, dogbone with reverse loops and yards, 136 track sections.

O-13, Valley Crossing

O54 curves, 8 x 16 feet, loops with crosses and large yard, 157 track sections.

O-14, Hillside Industrial

O54 curves, L - shaped, 8 x 16, point-to-point, many spurs and Wye reverse, 99 track sections.

O-14A, Hillside Industrial

O54 2 x 16 feet section of the preceding, point-to-point, 85 track sections

O-15, Fort Wayne & Chicago

O54 L-shaped, 13 x 12 feet, small commercial area plus town, sweeping curves and tunnel, 145 track sections.

O-16, Cave Creek Central

O54 double-main dogbone with reverse loops, 8 x 21 feet, ladder yards, 194 track sections.

O-17, Atlantic Midland

O54 rectangular, reversing loops and small yards and spurs, elevated hiway, 204 track sections.

O-18, Jersey Coast Lines

O54 L - shaped, 18 x 14 feet, reverse loops, two towns, 164 track sections.

O-19 Grand Junction

O72/O63 outer, O54 inner, 11 x 25 feet, dogbone + reverse loops, town, roundhouse and turntable, 226 track sections.

O-16, Cave Creek Central

O-18, Jersey Coast Lines

O-20, Texas Western



O-20, Texas Western

O72/O63 outer, O54 inner, L - shaped 18 x 36 feet multi-level with large yard, turntable, and roundhouse.344 track sections..

O-21, Diablo Canyon Pass

O72 outer, O54 inner 11 x 28 feet with multiple levels, town, turntable + roundhouse, 350 track sections.

O-22, Janesville Junction

O45/O36 5 x 10 feet nested figure 8, 80 track sections.

O-23, Hudson Valley Lines

O36, 6 x 10 feet, multi-crossing, 67 track sections.

O-24, Indiana Interwoven

O36 6 x 10 feet, nested oval/figure 8 with tunnels, 73 track sections.

O-25, Pacific Pretzel

O36 5 x 10 feet, folded multi-figure 8, 61 track sections.

O-26, Minnesota & Western

O36 outer, O27 inner, 4 x 8, spurs and sidings, 64 track sections.

O-27, Gateway Central

O72 outer, O54 inner, 8 x 15 feet, nested loop with passing sidings and spurs, industrial area, 145 track sections.

O-28, Chesapeake Crossing

O72 main, 7 x 19 feet, reverse loops and crosses, spurs, town and industry, 126 track sections.

O-29, Port Huron & Southern

O54 main, L-shaped 12 x 14 feet, stations, town area, servicing area, 177 track sections.



Timesaver switching

O54 point-to-point switching demo. 2 x 10 feet, lots of spotting of revenue cars. 36 track sections.

O72 reverse loops

45, 67.5, and 90 reverse loops.

O54 reverse loops

45, 67.5, and 90 single and double reverse loops.

O36 reverse loops

60, 45, and 30 reverse loops.

O72 parallel sidings

12 examples of O72 parallel sidings, ladders, crossovers, double crossovers.

Large radius parallel sidings

Examples of crossovers and parallel sidings using #5 and #7.5 turnouts.

O72 Industrial Empire

O72 double mainline, 8 x 18 feet, ladders yards, turntable with roundhouse. 181 track sections.

O-29, Port Huron & Southern

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