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MTH Electric Train’s RealTrax O-gauge track system represents a step up in ease of use and appearance from earlier tubular track systems while preserving the ability of tubular track to accommodate tight spaces due to the small O31 radius. 

Because of its integrated plastic roadbed, RealTrax is a good choice for floor and carpet layouts. However, the presence of the roadbed makes RealTrax almost impossible to cut into custom straight and curved sections while the rigid track joining eliminates much of the flex inherent in the older tubular style track. These two facts mean layout designers face a new world with new design parameters when trying to adapt existing and future layout designs to the RealTrax system. 

Enter the RealTrax Example Layouts from R & S Enterprises These consist of 58 example layouts using MTH RealTrax and MTH RailKing accessories. Layout sizes range from 4 x 8 feet ( a standard sheet of plywood) up to 30 x 11 feet (a good size room). The example layouts use primarily O31 curves as their basis, with some layouts using O42 curves on the mainline, while others using O54 and O72 mainline curves. The latter are generally the larger layouts. All of the layout designs are complete with scenery and structures, and are divided into small, midsize, and large layouts. There are also example layouts reverse loops, wyes, figure 8s, yard ladders, and crossovers.

.You can purchase the RealTrax Example Layouts from R & S Enterprises for $19. They come on a CD complete with an explanatory help file and an installer designed to interface with RR-Track v4.02. A copy of RR-Viewerv4.1 is included on the CD with viewer libraries that display all of the RealTrax O examples (these libraries are not compatible with RR-Track v4.x). RR-Viewer v4.1 allows the user to display in both 2D and 3D any of these layouts, study their component list, and print them (changing them with RR-VIewer is not supported). If already own a copy of RR-Track with the MTH RealTrax O and MTH RailKing accessories libraries, you can then use RR-Track to modify these layout designs as needed. If you don’t own a copy of RR-Track v4 and wish to use these RealTrax layouts as a basis for your own design, order the RR-Track MTH special for $69.

O31 Layouts, Small



Plywood Loop

3.5 x 7 feet rectangular, nested oval with passing siding, spur, 34 track sections and 19 accessories. Town area as well as countryside. One sheet of plywood.

Plywood Reverse

4 x 8 feet rectangular, oval with reverse and two spurs. RR station and city area. 45 track sections and 22 accessories. One sheet of plywood.

Plywood Central RR

4 x 8 feet rectangular, Twisted loop with reverse and three spurs. Station, industrial, and suburban areas. 45 track sections and 24 accessories.

Ping Pong Loop RR

5 x 8 feet rectangular, nested loop with cross, spur, tunnel. 56 track sections and 23 accessories. Ping pong table size.

Tellico Out and Back

4 x 12 feet, rectangular. Dogbone with passing sidings. 41 track sections and 15 accessories.

Pulaski RR

6 x 9 feet rectangular, nested loops with two reverses, turntable. 75 track sections and 18 accessories.

Simple Roundabout

6 x 9 feet rectangular, double nested loops with four spurs. 60 track sections and 15 accessories.

Complex Roundabout

6 x 9 feet rectangular, double-nested loops with cut across, three spurs. 73 track sections and 24 accessories.

Industrial Roundabout

6 x 9 feet rectangular, double-nested loops with passing siding and four spurs. 72 track sections and 16 accessories. Good action in a small space.


6 x 9 feet rectangular, nested loops with reverse and cross, passing siding. 76 track sections and 11 accessories.

Peoria & Western RR

6 x 9 feet rectangular, nested loops with figure 8 and spurs. 64 track sections and 13 accessories.

Kansas City & Western

6 x 9 feet rectangular, nested loops with two crossovers, three spur tracks. 58 track sections and 20 accessories.

Denver Industrial

6 x 9 feet rectangular, nested loops with two crossovers, passing siding, four spurs. 75 track sections and 14 accessories.

Portland Corner RR

6 x 9 feet L-shaped, loop with single reverse and five spurs. Mostly industry. 57 track sections and 15 accessories.

Vermont Eastern RR

11 x 5 feet rectangular. Loop with passing siding, tunnel, reverse Wye and four spurs. 77 track sections and 9 accessories.

O31 Layouts, midsize



Arkansas, Tennessee & Carolina RR

9 x 12 feet rectangular. Multiple nested loops with dual reverses and four spurs. Good action in a midsize space. 105 track sections and 49 accessories.

Red River Lines

9 x 12 feet C-shaped. Nested dogbone and reverse loops with four spurs. Village, train stations, and industrial stuff. 90 track sections and 25 accessories.

Urban Connections

8 x 12 feet, rectangular. An entirely urban scene with packed city blocks, elevated train line, and small park. Good for someone lonely for the big city. 65 track sections and 95 accessories.

Kennebec Crossing

9 x 12 feet, rectangular. Nested loops with double reverses on inside, turntable area, double crossovers. 109 track sections and 29 accessories.

Toledo Interurban

19 x 4.5 feet rectangular. Point to point urban with single reverse and nine spurs. 75 track sections and 57 accessories.

O31 Layouts, large

Seneca Loop

16 x 8 feet, rectangular with extension. Nested loop with multiple crossovers and crosses, turntable servicing area, spur tracks. 130 track sections and 36 accessories.

Rochester & Geneva RR

25 x 5 feet rectangular. Dogbone with nesting and crossover. RR service area, seven spur tracks. Town area and countryside. 136 track sections and 52 accessories.

O42 Layouts, Small



Lexington Loop

12 x 12 feet corner wall, dogbone with crossovers and three spurs. 72 track sections and 22 accessories.

O42 Layouts, Midsize

Cassville RR

8 x 12 feet L-shaped. Single loop with two passing sidings and cross. Adapted from Classic Toy Trains. 77 track sections and 7 accessories

Connecticut Loop RR

9 x 12 feet C-shaped. Folded dogbone with double reverse, crossings, passing sidings and spur. 107 track sections and 37 accessories.

Great Western RR

9 x 12 feet rectangular. Loop with internal reverse, ladder yard, passenger yard. Lots of switching action. 138 track sections and 53 accessories.

O42 Layouts, Large

Memphis & Little Rock RR

12 x 16 feet around the room with peninsula and reverse. City area, yard area with passenger and freight service, grades. 151 track sections and 41 accessories.

Baton Rouge & Beaumont RR

20 x 15 feet C-shaped. Point to Point with three reverses, large RR yard with turntable. 199 track sections and 96 accessories.

Milwaukee & Western RR

24 x 10 feet rectangular C shape. Nested loops, crossovers, reverses, two yard areas, turntable, town, industrial, suburban, and RR service areas. 205 track sections and 65 accessories.

O54 Layouts, Midsize



Argus Loop

14 x 7 nested loop and figure 8. O72 outer loop and passing siding, O54 inner loop. Tunnel, town and suburban area. 85 track sections and 44 accessories.

Newville Switchback RR

13 x 12 feet L-shaped. Multiply folded figure 8 with passing sidings and spur tracks. City and RR station. 107 track sections and 48 accessories.

O54 Layouts, Large

Empire Builder

16 x 11 L-shaped. Folded figure 8 with nested loops, passing sidings, four spur tracks. Urban and suburban. 103 track sections and 53 accessories.

Allegheny Western RR

14 x 12 L-shaped. Nested loops with multiple reverses, crossings, spur tracks. Town, industrial area, and RR service area. 144 track sections and 47 accessories.

Louisville & Choctaw RR

12 x 10 feet rectangular. Nested loop/figure 8, passing sidings. Center divider. Two cities, RR yard, spurs. 89 track sections and 34 accessories.

Atlantic Midland RR

18 x 11 feet rectangular. Multiply nested loops and reverses. Passing sidings and multiple spurs. Central mountain divide with tunnel. 146 track sections and 87 accessories.

O72 Layouts, Midsize



Tulpehocken Central RR

9 x 12 rectangular.  Single outer loop, passing siding, yard and turntable. 89 track sections and 22 accessories.

Shiner Valley Loop

9 x 13 rectangular. Loop with single reverse and six spur tracks. Town, suburbs, two stations, industry. 92 track sections and 68 accessories.

O72 Layouts, Large

North Albany Lines

14 x 8 feet U-shaped Folded dogbone with passing sidings and spur tracks. 124 track sections and 30 accessory items.

Duluth & Great Falls RR

19 x 7 feet rectangular. O72 loop with inside folded reverse using O42 track. Passing siding (O72) and spur tracks (O42). 112 track sections and 21 accessories.

Cascade Canyon Loop RR

18 x 12 feet around the room with peninsula. O72 main with some O72 spurs, O42 industrial peninsula. 132 track sections and 62 accessories.

Alpine Valley Shortline

21 x 10 feet, dogbone arrangement. Passing sidings, double reverse, spur tracks. 127 track sections and 9 accessories.

Montana Northern RR

24 x 15 feet U-shaped. Dogbone with reverse loops, passing sidings, ladder yard. 178 track sections and 9 accessories.

Colorado Western RR

24 x 18 feet around the room with peninsula. Passing sidings, spur tracks, ladder yard, all O72. 203 track sections and 38 accessories.

Thousand Mile Lines

30 x 11 C-shaped. Folded dogbone with three reverses, multiple passing sidings and spurs, suburban, urban, and industrial areas. 129 track sections and 52 accessories.

Swatara Gap RR

30 x 24 feet L-shaped. Dogbone with reverses and multiple passing sidings. Ladder yard, service area, turntable. City, station, and industrial areas. Mainline O72, some yards O42. 229 track sections and 93 accessories.

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