Page updated: June 12, 2014


Colorful, realistic, and functional accessories really complete a train layout. Few scences compare to the sight of colorful trains moving over those bridges, past factories and stations while crossing gates and trackside signals follow their every move.

RR-Track™ has eleven accessory libraries to choose from to complete your O, S, HO, N, and G-gauge train layouts. 

Lionel Pre-war(std/O-gauge, < 1940)

Lionel Post-war(1945-1970)

Lionel Modern(1970+)

MTH RailKing(1996+)

Miscellaneous O-scale(Korber, Laserkit, Berkshire Valley, etc.)

HO general accessories ( Atlas, LaserKit, Walthers)

N general accessories ( Atlas, LaserKit, Walthers)

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RR-Track for Windows is produced by R&S Enterprises