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MTH Electric trains now offers scale-sized sectional three-rail O-gauge track for the O-gauge layout designer to complement their integrated roadbed RealTrax. MTH track features solid rails with a 'phantom' center rail, and snap together assembly and disassembly. Flexible track for accomodating layout configurations that cannot be handled with sectional track is also part of the ScaleTrax line.

Currently, MTH offers three radii (O-31, O-54, and O-72), with more planned. In appearance, ScaleTrax is similar to Atlas O and established hi-rail track components from GarGraves, Curtis HiRail, and Ross Custom Switches.

Items in red are recently added. This library contains a wizard for track laying automation.

 The current v5 library release is 4.80.017. If yours is older, please go to our updates page to download the latest version.

MTH ScaleTrax O

Page updated:March 13, 2017

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