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Lionel FasTrack O

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Lionel has decided to update their O-gauge track offering by bringing out out a new track system, FasTrack. Having gotten nearly 100 years out of the previous tubular track, they have decided to bring out a track system not altogether different from competing products ( see MTH RealTrax), for the next century.

Recognizing the trend from all train manufactures towards larger, scale-dimensioned locomotives, the largest curve is O96; the smallest turnout is O36 as used by Super O track from the 1950's. Further noting the increased interest in realism and ease of use in the 3-rail O-gauge market, FasTrack has an integrated roadbed, a larger number of scale-sized ties, but no darkened center rail. Currently Lionel offers 7 curve radii; as more components are added to the FasTrack system, we will update the RR-Track FasTrack library.  If you are having trouble figuring out which combinations of FasTrack straight sections are needed to fill a gap, check out our Lionel FasTrack track table.

The FasTrack library now contains a track wizard which is capable of using the fixed size straight and curved track sections to fill most gaps encountered in layout design.   This wizard is only available for RR-Track v5.1 systems build and above ( Update Pack 4 ). 

Items in red are newly added.

The current  v5 library release is 4.90.032. If yours is older, please go to our updates page to download the latest version.

  • Components

    straight track

    1.75 inch

    4.5 inch

    5.0 inch

    10.0 inch

    30.0 inch

    1.375 inch



    curved track

    O-31 45

    O-36 45

    O-48 30

    O-60 22.5

    O-84 11.25

    O-31 11.25

    O-36 22.5

    O-48 15

    O-72 22.5

    O-96 11.25

    O-36 11.25

    O-48 7.5

    O-72 11.25


    O-31 manual switch 33.75 L/R

    O-31 TMCC switch 33.75 L/R

    O-36 manual switch 33.75 L/R

    O-36 remote switch 33.75 L/R

    O-48 remote switch 30.0 L/R

    O-60 remote switch 22.5 L/R

    O-72 remote switch 22.5 L/R

    O-72 remote Wye 11.25

    TMCC versions for O36, O48, O60, O72 turnouts

    special track

    90 cross

    5.0 in isolation

    5.0 in uncoupler

    5.0 in transition

    45 cross

    10 in insulated


    12036 grade crossing, 10.0 in

    22.5 cross

    10.0 in terminal

    lighted bumper

    operating acc

    12052 grade crossing, 10.0 in

    12062 grade crossing, 10.0 in



  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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