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SuperStreets O roadway

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K-Line by Lionel has made a big splash with the introduction of their integrated roadbed SuperStreets roadway. The SuperStreets roadway system is designed so that the O-gauge train enthusiast can add both action and animation to his/her miniature cities and towns, as well as intra- and interurban trolley lines. By use of the appropriate transition connectors, you can even join SuperStreets roadway to regular O 3-rail track, and with the release of new components, even Lionel FasTrack..

For trolley lines, SuperStreets may be compared to ETS O track.

The current  v5 library release is 4.60.003. Items in red are newly added.  If your SuperStreets library is older, please go to our updates page to download the latest version.

  • Components

    straight roadway

    6-21431 10 inch

    6-21433 5.0 inch

    6-21282 2.5 inch

    6-21261 2.5 inch

    6-21572 School X-ing 5.0 inch

    6-21573 Stop Ahead 5.0 inch

    6-21574 X-walk 5.0 inch

    6-21575 RR X-ing 10.0 inch

    6-22566 2.5in

    6-22598 adj

    curved roadway

    6-21340 D16 45

    6-21281 D21 45




    6-21287 D16 Y 45

    6-22592 D16 L/R 45

    6-22595 D21 L/R 45

    special roadway

    6-21286 intersection

    0822 double X-over

    6-21283 tubular grade X-ing

    6-21163 FasTrack grade X-ing

    6-21284 transition to tubular track

    6-22379 barricade

    6-21164 transition to FasTrack

    6-22506 fishtail

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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