last updated:January 12, 2016

RR-Track v5 is the answer for all your toy or model train layout design headaches. No more templates to struggle with, no messy erasing and scribbling, no emergency table extensions propped on sawhorses, no last second hacking of the Xmas tree, just pop up the menus off this fully graphical software in the gauge of your choice and plan away.
RR-Track v5.3 offers in-place object drawing capability as well as scenery items in addition to the multiple accessory libraries to save you the headache of drawing each of those saw mills and coal loaders yourself. Using the integrated Terrain View, you can create realistic terrain and layout benches which you can then visualize from any orientation using the integrated 3D View. Finally, you can test your dream creation in action by running trains in the integrated Simulation View. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10.  If you are not using Windows, see our discussion on using RR-Track with either LINUX or the Mac OS.

RR-Track turns any Windows PC (and Macs running VirtualPC or Parallels Workstation) into a sheet of electronic graph paper, allowing for endless combinations and what-if scenarios. While you are designing your dream layout, you will discover that it is a lot easier to 'game out' track and accessory configurations using RR-Track and your PC than to discover, with 100 track sections in place, that that curved passing siding isn't going to fit.

RR-Track comes in with standard library bundles that are designed to meet the needs of layout designers/builders in any scale from G to Z.

RR-Track News

Thrice Around the Room Examples
2-19-2014: new versions of this old favorite are available for download to your RR-Track v5 layout folder. This package includes a new variation using Lionel FasTrack O.
MTH RealTrax O
11-2-2013: RealTrax O library updated to include trackwizard support. This feature is only supported in RR-Track v5.1 and above.

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RR-Track™ for Windows is produced by R&S Enterprises