Page updated:June 12, 2014


RR-Track v4 Build Record

BUILD: 4.02.173
Corrected problem that caused RR-Track main window to move off screen when exiting from the task bar.

BUILD: 4.02.172
Made internal changes to properly handled FILE/CLOSE command and add CurveCalculator and TurnoutCalculator to the Help menu.

BUILD: 4.02.171
Made internal changes to eliminate legacy code.

BUILD: 4.02.170
Made internal changes to eliminate some legacy code.

BUILD: 4.02.168:
Fixed height bug when editting rectangular objects. Fixed bug that failed to change other rectangular objects to filled rectangles. Fixed bug that failed to check for a valid target layer when moving items between layers. Changed scanning for libraries when editting library colors to search for additional new libraries. Added ROADS to standard layout layers, added Show 3D, Show Terrain, and Show ItemList to standard rightmouse shortcut menu. Added support for new libaries.

BUILD: 4.02.163
Adds support for slot track libraries, gracefully fails to load non-4.3.x libraries.

BUILD: 4.01.149
Adds support for Lionel FasTrack O

BUILD: 4.01.147
Added support for Piko accessories, HO accessories, N accessories

BUILD: 4.01.146
Corrected error that ignores TerraMapper update when saving file.
Added support for Bachmann HO track.

BUILD: 4.01.145
Added support for Scenic Xpress roads.

BUILD: 4.01.144
Rearranges printer DEVMODE fetch so that newer HP printers may
be supported at some loss of printer selection functionality.

BUILD: 4.01.143
Adds support for Fleischmann HO track.

BUILD: 4.01.142
Adds support for GarGraves Std gauge track.

BUILD: 4.01.141
Corrects problem with selecting layer colors that causes invokation of
custom color dialog when you exit the main dialog.

BUILD: 4.01.140
Added support for GarGraves G track.

BUILD: 4.01.139
Corrected error in Layer Dialog that failed to allow setting of custom colors. Added support for more than 10 distinct radii of cut stock track.

BUILD: 4.01.138
Changed bounding box test for standard curved track to enable seletion
in tighter spots. Also fixed bug in the text editting dialog that failed
to pay attention to point size changes taken from the Windows Font

BUILD: 4.01.137
Changed fly over id window so that it passed right button messages as well
as left, and have the window fade after 5 seconds.

BUILD: 4.01.136
Added support for other special modules

BUILD: 4.01.135
Fixed resource leak on drawing the new bush objects. Failedto properly delete drawing pen.

BUILD: 4.01.134
Fixed failure of frame window main menu to correctly displaythe last four recent layout files in correct order when all open layouts are closed.

BUILD: 4.01.133
Fixed resource leak on program exit for freeing Hot List DLL

BUILD: 4.01.132
Changed flyover ID window so that it dies when the active layout is deactivated.

BUILD: 4.01.131
Added support for wires (zero-width polylines).

BUILD: 4.01.130
Added support for plain roads (no stripes) as distinguished from2-lane and 4-lane hiways.

BUILD: 4.01.129
Fixed bug in registration number validation for certain classesof upgrades from previous releases of RR-Track.

BUILD: 4.01.128
Fixed up the grade calculator so it works more like you want it

BUILD: 4.01.127
Added support for user-defined hot list window of items to quickly
add to a layout.

BUILD: 4.00.126
Fixed failure of Global Options dialog to correctly set default color
for a track library.

BUILD: 4.00.125
Added capability to save a custom colors list and use this with the color controls that are not in track libraries to set track and object

BUILD: 4.00.124
Added metric/english capability to the initial layout size dialog.Fixed help topics for this dialog and the layout scale dialog.Added the capability of typing in your own offset to the duplicateparallel dialog.

BUILD: 4.00.123
Fixed bug that could cause loss of straight track sections whenzooming out on large layouts (size depends on track gauge andscreen resolution). This bug also caused loss of straight trackwhen saving these layouts.

BUILD: 4.00.122
Fixed bug that failed to properly save a text string that was
resized and then saved.

BUILD: 4.00.121
Changed the height sorting routine to a slower, but more accurate
method that correctly sorts items in the display list by height.

BUILD: 4.00.120
Fixed bug that caused STARTDOC failure on newer printers when
printing the select list.

BUILD: 4.00.119
Fixed minor bug that let terrain base objects print outside of
the page area when zoomed in.

BUILD: 4.00.118
Fixed bug that caused intermittent crashes when trying to set
individual track colors on more than one section of track at
a time.

BUILD: 4.00.117
Fixed bug that caused a crash when reading a v3 file that had
track bumpers on grades.

BUILD: 4.00.116
Fixed bug that caused a crash when switching to a fixed scale
when printing and the layout is using metric units.

BUILD: 4.00.115
Added menu item under Help that takes you to the update page for RR-Track.

BUILD 4.00.114
Disabled Ultra detailed display mode since it isn't operative anyway.

BUILD: 4.00.113
Fixed a problem with the printer spooler that prevented layouts
from sometimes printing to newer model printers.

BUILD: 4.00.112
Fixed bug that caused crash when setting thickline default width.
Changed cursor switching to ignore items in hidden layers.
Fixed bug in Repeat Paste that caused it to not work when nothing
was selected.

BUILD: 4.00.111
Fixed bug that causes GP fault when you accidentally ungroup objects
that aren't grouped.

BUILD: 4.00.110
Made NAN RMATRIX fixup mandatory on release builds, but silent.

BUILD: 4.00.109
Added wheel mouse support for Win 98, NT, 2000. Using the mouse wheel
and/or the SHIFT key is the same as using the arrow keys for nudging
around the layout. Also added CTRL-A support to the accelerator table
for choosing EDIT/SELECTALL.

BUILD: 4.00.108
Added extra detection for invalid track CPs when joining. This is to get
arround a bug in the 4.00.009 track wizard.

BUILD: 4.00.107
Added error messages for incorrect serial number sequence upon initial
run after invocation. Also added support for NAN checking.

BUILD: 4.00.105
Fixed FP NAN error when snap to grid is disabled and creation of
polyline, polygon, or thickline is attempted. This plagues
Win 9.x users.

BUILD: 4.00.103
Fixed a number of potential divide by zero and sqrt type bugs that plagued
Win 95 users but not Win NT or 2000 users.


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